Sunday, December 9, 2012

Carol the Elf!

Carol came to our house today! The girls were so beyond excited to have their own Elf! MaKenna has told me many times why don't we have a Elf visit us but do to other kids. We finally have our Elf to keep an eye on the girls! We read the cute book together n for most of the night they talked to her and were on their best behavior! Helping with dinner and minding the first time they were told. Awesome!! I think she is going to visit our house every few months after December to keep an eye on things! I'm sure they will be up super early to see what she was up to last night! They get down on her level and talk to her and tell her good night n how pretty she is! They wanted to name her Carol because that is Christmasy! That's what they told me! They r so cute!! I'm happy to have her in our family! Even Talia just stares at her. It is funny though bc Makenna keeps telling me, wait she is always listening? That's kinda creapy a little!! Silly girls!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm the Lorax!

Talia loves telling me, "look mom I'm the Lorax I speak for the trees!" She does it whenever she gets a milk mustache or finds something to turn into a mustache. It's really funny and it makes me laugh every time! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, November 4, 2012

So sweet!

I seriously have the sweetest girls ever! Saturday morning I came back from my morning run and was washing dishes when I heard the girls upstairs but being quiet! I finally went up to see what they were up to and she were watching out the window for me. I asked what r u doing and they said oh did u already go run? I said yep n they said oh man we were hoping to see you come back. I then said oh I'm sorry you guys were still sleeping and I asked if they were going to wave to me and they both said yes! I told them that next weekend is my race and they can come watch me and wave to me then! 
Kenna said, oh cool how long is this one
Me, 13 miles
Piper and Kenna, WHOA! Again? 
Me, yep it will be fun! Do u know how far that is!? That's like running to your school and back like 4 times! 
They both sat in awe and were like whoa mom
Kenna then said, oh mom that would be hard if I had all the metals in the world I would give them to you because you work hard for them. 
Me, oh thanks Kenna that means a lot to me! 
Piper, ya mom I would give them all to you too! Do u get a metal again this time!
Me, yep!
Kenna, ok good! 
They went on and on about how I deserve metals and how I work so hard for them and I run a lot! It really made my day and made me feel like my kids really do support me! To see them sitting there waiting for me to come home so they can wave at me and watching out the window really touched me. Then for them to go on and on about how they thng I deserve all the metals it was a special and meaningful conversation between the 3 of us and almost made me tear up! I sure love those girls n the sweet comments they make to me! 

Happy Halloween

We had a super fun time at our ward trunk or treat and of course had plenty of candy! What does that mean, let's go trick or treating and get MORE candy! It was a great time with friends and now have to figure out what to do with all the candy! Besides go in our tummies! Ha ha 

She's finally 8!

If you would have asked MaKenna you would have already thought she was 8 but nope! She finally turned 8 and had a wonderful and super fun birthday party. Now that she is older she had a agenda all planned out on things she wanted to do and believe me the list was rather long. We had a sort of carnival theme party but girl style! She had face painting, balloon animals, painting nails, a movie and pizza of course. She actually wanted pumpkin pie instead of a cake so her sweet aunt Amanda made her one! It was actually a big hit with the girls! Shocked me too!  Im thankful that my mom and sister were able to help me! Mike was wonderful and was on 3 head old duty! He took her to go see Brave at the theaters and he said she loved ever min of it! A little daddy daughter date was what she needed. After everyone went home super late her cousins spent the night and of course meant they were up even later. Thankfully they didn't wake up to early and then we did pancakes and bacon for breakfast. It was a lot of fun but also a long weekend as well. 
      I sure love that sweet girl and so blessed to have her in our life! She brings me so much joy and keeps me on my toes! Here is some of the many reasons I love her so much!
She is beyond a great big sister
She can be sassy but knows her limits and when to stop
She's so sweet and loving to everyone
She loves her sweet sisters and is constantly playing with them and making them happy
She is helpful in so many ways 
She loves her family so much
She loves the gospel and keeps us all in check
She is a good friend to everyone
She loves to learn and push herself 
She can dance and sing every day and never get tired of it
She loves to read
More then anything she is OUR daughter and I can't be more thankful for her and the blessings she brings into my life and our families lives! 
Happy Birthday MaKenna! We love you so much! 

Literature Day Parade

This was Pipers first Literature Day Parade at school and she thought it was awesome! She went as Purplelicious and was waving the whole time like a princess in a parade. It was super cute. MaKenna was also in the parade but for the last year. She went as a fairy princess from one of the rainbow magic books. They both did a great day and had a lot of fun! 

Fall Break!

Oh we sure had a lot of fun over fall break this year! It really was the best two weeks. Of course the first day the girls were being a little nasty and it made me want to cancel all our plans but I didn't. We were able to go to the park a few times with friends, went to the zoo with Kristina and her kids, went to jump street with missy and her kids, spent the night with aunt Kristina and at grandmas, and tried to do something every day other then be home. I'm thankful we were able to go and do so many fun things! Honestly my favorIte place was jump street because we all got out of the house and worked our bodies! It was a lot of fun and memories I will never forget!